TSRC Contribution Funds

TSRC has benefited from generous past donations that have supported a number of key programs, including the Peter Salamon Award and the Paul Barbara Scholarships for young scientists, TSRC Town Talks, and the Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry, as well as the support for a permanent facility in Telluride. Starting in 2016, TSRC has created the TSRC Global Impact Fund to ensure the presence of TSRC in Telluride and to accelerate the impact TSRC has on advancing molecular science and technology.

TSRC Facility Capital Campaign

The goal of this capital campaign is to fund a dedicated year-round TSRC facility in the Telluride region. TSRC believes that a permanent year-round home will help to accelerate the new ideas and future collaborations that will expand the frontiers of science and technology. TSRC has secured two options. The first is the historic Telluride Depot which TSRC currently has under contract with the Ah Haa School for the Arts. The Depot is a riverside property with a special sense-of-place that will help to advance research ideas and enhance informal interactions among scientists. The organization is currently engaged in planning for the facility’s design and fundraising. As a secondary option, TSRC also has secured a 100-year land lease with the Town of Telluride to build the center on the corner of Pacific and Willow Streets.

Future-of-TSRC Fellowship Funds

For over thirty years, the young scientists that have participated in TSRC workshops have become the future of TSRC. The organization has established two scholarships, the Paul Barbara Fellowship and the Peter Salamon Award, that provide financial support to outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The 2015 Paul Barbara Fellowship Recipients were Manuela A. Gross from the University of Cambridge and Sebastian Buchenberg from Albert-Ludwig- University Freiburg. There were seven recipients of the Peter Salamon Award in 2015. These funds are designed to further enhance the participation of young scientists so critical to TSRC’s future.

Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry (TSTC) Endowment Fund

The Telluride School for Theoretical Chemistry (TSTC) is TSRC’s original on graduate-level summer school, created
to realize the vision of Jack Simons to provide fundamental training for future leaders of theoretical chemistry research and education. The TSTC Endowment Fund, which is now
on the order of $350K, with on-going commitments near $75,000, provides tuition and lodging support for its students and covers travel and lodging costs for its faculty. Every two years when the school is held, TSRC funds approximately 42 select students and four instructors through the endowment at a cost of $36,000. In order to provide the maximum benefit to these students, the instructors believe that the school should be extended from a one-week to a two-week program. To fully realize the cost of TSTC, TSRC is seeking to build
the TSTC endowment to approximately $1.5M over a
six-year period.

TSRC General Education Fund

TSRC General Education Fund supports educational outreach programs in our national science community as well as within the greater Telluride community. This fund helps to fund TSRC's graduate-level summer schools, TSRC Town Talks, professional development training for local K-12 science and math teachers, and supporting collaborations between TSRC scientists and the Pinhead Institute. TSRC’s educational outreach goals are to leverage the organization’s incredible worldwide network of scientists, national laboratories, and top academic institutions to provide additional educational opportunities for the best science graduate students in the US, local K-12 STEM students, and adult members of the Telluride and Western Slope communities.

Please let us know that you value TSRC by making a donation today. TSRC is a 501(c) 3 charitable non-profit in good standing with the state of Colorado.

Double Your Impact
Many corporations will match their employee's donations, thereby doubling the individual's donation and giving impact. Before giving, check to see if your employer has a matching donor program. Contact Mark Kozak, TSRC's Managing Director for more information or for TSRC's tax ID number.

To Donate By Check
If you prefer to donate by check, please make the check out to "TSRC" and mail to:
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Thank you so much for your support.

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